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 Offering My Old Yearbook™ CD
 To Alumni
The Basics

My Old YearbookCD costs $29.95 (plus $5.25 S&H) to alumni. All you have to do is let the alumni know that they can get their yearbook on CD and collect payment from the alumni - when 20 or more want it you order from us, we build it and ship to the alumni. Once it’s been built, we take and ship orders as they come in.

Our Model

Our business model requires a party between the alumni and ourselves. There are several reasons for this but the best way to understand it is that our core competencies are in producing a quality product, not in managing and maintaining a user database. The database has already been built, and a great deal of time and effort goes into managing it by the planners (professional planners or alumni reunion managers). Frankly, updating databases with changes of address, tracking down alumni from a particular school, etc., detracts from what we are good at: Building a Quality Product

The "Third Party" is a Professional Reunion Manager, a member of a Reunion Committee, or a member of an Alumni Association. Increasingly, we have clients who don't fit neatly into any of these classifications - and that's okay too. The key to our business is in dealing with the individual who may be considered the "Contact Point" for a graduating class.

Your Incentive

We offer an incentive to this third party for, in essence, advertising the availability of My Old YearbookCD. All orders are processed through the third party (the planner). So you just let your alumni know that they can get their yearbook on CD, they place the orders with you and you collect for the CD's. When you get 20 or more orders from alumni (the first time), you then place your order with us and include a yearbook (if it's not already in our library) and the Ship To address of the recipients. When the first order of 20 is received, we ship the yearbook back to you along with a FREE Planners Version CD that allows you easily create name badges and slide shows for the reunion. The Planners Version is the same as the Alumni Version with additional features. After the first order of 20, we will make and ship the CD's on an as-ordered basis, as they come in from you.

What this model does for the planner is: you keep no inventory, spend none of your own money, ship no product, and collect recompense up-front. We even customize flyers and forms with your school logo, etc. that can be e-mailed to you for distribution to the alumni.We do this as a courtesy for our clients.
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