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Each Yearbook on CD order comes with a FREE Planners Version CD. This can be used as your personal copy as well as to create name badges and slide shows from the ultra-high quality digital images in the yearbook  You can create name badges either by printing pages, or digitally select images and use them with your favorite desktop publishing program. A tutorial and Word® name badge template are included with your FREE Planners Version CD.
Step 1

Print. Simply find the page or the exact picture you wish to print

You Can Also Use It With Your Desktop Publishing Program
Either Cut or Capture
Step 2

Cut. Using a standard paper cutter or Desktop Publishing program, select the pictures you will use for name badges

Step 3

Paste. If you've printed onto adhesive paper and cut them using a standard paper cutter, just stick the picture in its appropriate spot on the name badge.

If you're using a Desktop Publishing program, simply Paste the image into your program and resize it; then create the badges in a single step!

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