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My Old Yearbook™ CD 

This page was designed to be viewed by Reunion Planning Professionals, Reunion Committee members, and individuals. The intent of our business is to work directly with reunion planning teams to help orchestrate a fun and memorable event. As such, we cannot process individual orders. 

While everyone is welcome to view these pages, if you are not usually considered the "contact point" for your class or school and are just interested in finding out more about the product, please click here to view the pages that would interest you most.

About My Old Yearbook CD… 

My Old Yearbook CD is a Compact Disk that contains a High School yearbook. We have over 4,500 yearbooks in our library from all over the United States. The yearbooks in our library have been scanned using state-of-the-art technology. Our proprietary digitization techniques allow us to reproduce a yearbook "cover to cover" in a fraction of the time it would take to accomplish this task by traditional methods. The CD's are then created in large volumes using the latest technology available.

The result is that we produce an exceptionally high quality CD giving the user a unique viewing experience. Users can flip through the CD page by page just as one would with a traditional yearbook. Due to the image quality and the unique assembly of the software, users can Pan and Zoom through their yearbook like never before.

Some of our clients have lost, misplaced, or had their yearbooks destroyed and have been delighted to once again possess their yearbook. Interestingly, most people who purchase My Old Yearbook CD still have their traditional yearbook, but want the ability to view their yearbook in a fresh and exciting way. We have received much praise for providing them with a "snapshot in time" that they can share with their families for generations to come.

Whether you use a Mac or Windows® based operating system, My Old Yearbook CD will resurrect memories of days gone by. We welcome you to take the Tour of My Old Yearbook CD.

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Ease of Use
Flip through your yearbook with a click of a button. 

Zoom in on your High School Sweetheart. 

Give your family a gift that will last Generations

 My Old Yearbook™ CD is beautifully crafted with a picture of Yearbook on the cover of the CD
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