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 Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a professional planner but I am on the reunion committee for my alma mater. Can I offer My Old Yearbook™ CD for our upcoming reunion?

Absolutely. Whether you are a professional planner or an alumni on the reunion committee, My Old Yearbook™ CD is available for you to offer. Some schools are not planning a reunion but would like to make My Old Yearbook™ CD available to their alumni. If you can be considered a Contact Point for the alumni of your class or school (for example, the Webmaster for your alma mater), you can offer My Old Yearbook™ CD. 

What if I offer My Old Yearbook™ CD for an upcoming reunion and don't get 20 pre-reunion orders

Our data proves that alumni love this product. Interestingly, more than 30% of alumni who purchase My Old Yearbook™ CD still have their bound yearbook! Even so, we try to remain as flexible as possible when working with planners and we recognize that there are a lot of factors that affect whether alumni order the product.  If you have let the alumni know that they can get their yearbook on CD and fall short of the minimum first-time order quantity, Contact Us. We are sensitive to disappointing those who have ordered so we will work with you. Please keep in mind though, that the Free Planners Version is available only after the first 20 have been ordered.

What if our Reunion Committee is not interested in making a profit?

A "profit" may not be a motivating factor for you or your committee. We understand if that is the case, we just want you to know that some level of financial recompense is available and if it helps you or your committee, great. How you choose to apply it is your choice. Some committees have chosen to lower the price of the CD to the alumni, others use the "profit" to offset their costs, and still others have decided to purchase the CD’s and included them in the price of the reunion. These options are entirely your call. As a vendor member of the National Association of Reunion Managers we pride ourselves on superior product quality and excellence in client relations. With that in mind, we’ll work with you to ensure that offering My Old Yearbook™ CD contributes to a fun and memorable reunion.

How do you get the yearbooks to make the CD's?

Most of our activities involve the reunion event. During the planning for the reunion, someone is usually making name badges from the yearbook. They send us the yearbook. In those instances where offering  My Old Yearbook™ CD is not tied to a reunion, there are a number of ways we can obtain the yearbook, but it almost always comes from an alumnus. The planner ships it to us, when the volume has been built, we ship the yearbook back along with the Free Planners Version CD back to the planner. Since there are many variations on this theme, if you believe you may have difficulty obtaining a yearbook for a particular school/class, Contact Us and we will help. 

Is the yearbook destroyed? 

No. The yearbook is returned in the same condition that we received it in. The digitizing process is non-destructive for 99% of the yearbooks we receive. The only exceptions are when the book is so old that the glue cracks off as you handle the book or turn the pages. In these cases, it's not the process that affects the condition, it's actually viewing the yearbook and flipping pages. Of the 4,569 yearbooks in our library, only three have required us to re-glue the binding - this was done as a courtesy and was preceded by discussions before the copy process began. If we receive a "bad" copy, we notify the planner and if necessary/possible, make arrangements to get a better copy. We are highly sensitive to the original yearbook condition. As a side point, researchers had conducted a study of University of Pennsylvania freshmen and asked the following question:

 "What would you do if a friend threw away your yearbook?" 

It was a multiple choice question and the choices were: 

A) I would kill them
B) I'd be a little mad
C) I would not care
D) between B &C

 65% of the respondents indicated:
"A) I would kill them" 

This statistic is not lost on us.

What if the yearbook has autographs - do I need a "Pristine" yearbook?

You do not need a pristine yearbook, but we like to remind the planner that what they give us is directly related to what the alumni see, so in a sense, they are responsible for some level of product quality.

The fact is, however, that 95% of the yearbooks we process are autographed - it's the nature of the beast. Most of these non-published artifacts are on the beginning or ending pages of the yearbook. Sometimes the autographing is in the margins of various pages. We routinely clean that up digitally. Non published artifacts such as autographing present a problem when they are across photographs - John Smith signed right over his own picture. We can clean that up too, but then we risk altering the photo. Our staff has exceptional experience in digital editing, but when you zoom up to say, 1600% as we advertise, there is a risk that the editing will be visible - something we abhor. 

In general, in the rare instances where the autographing is extreme, we work with the planner to obtain a better copy. To date, we have never had a circumstance where we couldn't obtain a better copy. 

How do I let the alumni know that My Old Yearbook™ CD is available for the reunion?

A successful "notification strategy" (surrounding a reunion event) usually includes these elements:

  1. Notification of the availability in the reunion announcement/RSVP form

  2. "At the door" forms or flyers for those attending the reunion who did not order a CD

  3. Some level of web presence

We have examples of how to notify your alumni of the availability of My Old Yearbook™ CD at each of these stages. Keep in mind though that since there’s a degree of variability to each class/reunion, if you like, we work with you offering suggestions and creating customized marketing pieces to help make sure you are able to "get the word out".

Do I have to order 20 every time? What is the minimum order quantity?

No. The order of 20 is for "First-Time Builds". After that we take orders piecemeal as they come in from you. We try to produce them in bulk to reduce our costs and therefore pay you more per CD on larger orders. This aspect is entirely your call. If you can hold out till you get 51 for example, you’ll make more money. We leave this up to the planner because only you know what is reasonable for your alumni in terms of delivery.

My reunion is coming up soon. How long does it take to get my Planners Version so I can make name badges BEFORE the reunion?

In regards to delivery, we quote 4-6 weeks on a first time build and 2-4 weeks delivery on re-orders. This means delivery to the alumni. We remain flexible though, because occasionally something creeps up for the planner requiring shorter delivery. This rarely happens with professional planners because they are serving a client and are, by the very nature of their business, very organized. It happens more often when we deal with an alumni association or reunion planning committee. Sometimes, though, with new clients, a planner will want to offer My Old Yearbook™ CD to the alumni of a reunion that's being held sooner than the 4-6 week delivery window will allow. In those cases we do our absolute best to accommodate the planners schedule. There are a lot of variables that affect how accommodating we can be however. If the planner wants the CD's available for the reunion event that is, say, two weeks away, we will 'move heaven and earth' to make it happen. But we will not, under any circumstances, reduce the quality of the product in order to meet a deadline like that. Our policy is that if our communications are clear, everyone's expectations will be met.

Okay, you've said "incentive" is available. What's that all about?

Simply Contact Us and let us know A) that you are either a member of a reunion committee, alumni association, or a professional reunion manager; B) what school and (if applicable) year or the name of your reunion planning company. Include the details on our Contact Page, and we'll be happy to share the complete details with you.

I like what I know so far. What do I have to do next in order to offer My Old Yearbook™ CD ?

Simply Contact Us. In general, the issues we discuss with you will be whether or not you want us to customize flyers for you, when the reunion is coming up, and the details surrounding production planning. If you like we can send out a Free Demonstration CD to show the reunion committee you serve. 

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