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 My Old Yearbook CD


A Word About

My Old Yearbook™ CD is built "from the ground up" with you, the end user in mind. When a volume is built, each page is edited to remove non-published artifacts including autographing. Every volume goes through a litany of quality control and quality assurance procedures to assure that you have a satisfying and pleasurable experience when viewing your yearbook on CD. The volumes are built so that you can zoom up on pictures and maintain excellent visual quality. In summary, our focus, our raison d'être, is for you, the individual viewer to say "Wow! I'm Impressed". All of our efforts are directed at this goal.

Focused on Product Quality
Not Database Management

Our business model requires a party between the alumni and ourselves. There are several reasons for this but the best way to understand it is that our core competencies are in producing a quality product, not in managing and maintaining a user database. The database has already been built, and a great deal of time and effort goes into managing it by planners (professional planners or alumni reunion managers).

See Your Planner or "Contact Point" For Details
or Contact Us for Help 

This "party" is either a Professional Reunion Manager, a member of the the Reunion Committee for a particular graduating class, or a member of an Alumni Association. Most of our activities are focused around the reunion event but increasingly, alumni webmasters and others who may be considered the "Contact Point" for alumni have begun offering My Old YearbookCD to their alumni. In general, we refer to these individuals as "planners" whether offering the product is tied to a reunion event or not.

The Yearbook Division of Edge Computer Consulting, Inc. does not sell directly to alumni. Rather, the Planner sells the CD. Once the Planner receives your order, they place their order with us and we ship directly to the you (except in special cases).

If you have been sent to this site from a referring web page you probably already know the person or organization who can provide My Old YearbookCD to you. If you DO NOT know how to get one, simply contact us and we will help you. 

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 Make My Old Yearbook™ CD Available for Your Next Reunion Event!

If you are considered the "Contact Point" for alumni or are a Professional Reunion Manager, please VISIT OUR MAIN SITE for information on offering My Old Yearbook™ CD to alumni

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