My Old Yearbook™ CD is Your High School Yearbook on Compact Disc. It is an easy to use CD that will run on Mac and Windows® based computers. You can flip through the CD page by page just as one would with a traditional yearbook. Due to the image quality and the unique assembly of the software, you can pan and zoom through your yearbook like never before. It has your yearbook cover on the jewel case and beautifully captures the experience of paging through a yearbook and rekindles the thoughts and feelings of those precious days of our youth.


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Planners Click Here: If you are involved with planning a reunion or are considered the "contact point" for your school or class you'll want to view this section as it focuses on the product as well as advantages and details of offering My Old Yearbook CD to the alumni.

Individuals Click Here: If you are not involved in planning a reunion you'll want to view this section as it focuses solely on the features of the product.

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